About Letter Leaders

About Letter Leaders

Letter Leaders is a complete, comprehensive handwriting program developed through years of evidenced-based research.

Letter Leaders gives your child the head start they need to excel at learning. The program is easy to teach and children will love learning to write.

In as little as 5-20 minutes per day, children who learn how to handwrite using the Letter Leaders program will be better prepared for success in the classroom and beyond.

This 20-week program teaches children the proper way to handwrite by starting at the beginning of handwriting skill acquisition and follows this sequence:

  • Prewriting skills such as letter similarities and differences are taught first—then mastered
  • Capital letter formation
  • Lower case letter formation
  • Finally the child is ready to learn beginning handwriting skills

Essential elements of the Letter Leaders handwriting program include:

  • Full-color, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions throughout the program
  • A multisensory approach to accommodate all types of learners
  • A developmental progression that first teaches prewriting skills, then correct capital letter formation, and finally correct lower-case letter formation
  • Engaging full-color pages that motivate and promote success
  • Consistent terminology and structure throughout the program, appropriate for young learners and elementary-aged children
  • A format that can be used to teach children one-on-one, in small groups, or in a full classroom setting