Letter Leaders Testimonials

What People are Saying

“Letter Leaders is a great program for kids learning how to form lines and write letters. The books are colorful and the graphics are age appropriate. The directions are easy to understand and there is a status bar at the bottom of each page that is helpful for both teachers and parents to record the kid’s progress. I have used this program in both my preschool 3 year old classroom and my 4 year old classroom. I think books 1-3 are a really great introduction to writing in a typical classroom.”

Stephanie T.
Lead preschool teacher

“I have replaced the program I have used for years with the Letter Leaders program because the books are engaging, well thought out andeasy to use. This is a great program to use in a classroom.”

Deb H.
Preschool teacher and educator since 1999

“After more than 15 years teaching typical developing children and children with special needs, Letter Leaders is the only program that I’ve used that is developmentally appropriate, easy for anyone to teach and simple for children to use. From my experience teaching the program, I’ve found kids to be engaged and excited about learning. The program allows each child to be successful at their individual level. I’d recommend Letter Leaders for teachers and therapists looking for a positive handwriting program.”

Danielle Warren

“Our son Alex started the Letter Leaders program when he was in Kindergarten. Alex loved “playing games”, which were the hand aerobics activities and never considered the hour-long sessions work. The results were impressive. After working with Julie for several months, Alex’s chicken scratch turned into legible text. To this day we appreciate Julie for her skill and the positive way she worked with our son.”


Mother of Alex

“In the spring of 2007, when we were preparing to transition my daughter from her special education DLC program to a Multi-Intensive program it was suggested to me and my husband, during her IEP meeting, that because of her low muscle tone and learning delays that perhaps she would not be able to successfully learn to write and that we should consider forgoing that skill and instead utilize the computer as her main means of writing. Needless to say, my husband and I would hear nothing of the sort. Our daughter would learn to write.”

“After her summer break, we began working with Julie Tourigny and the Letter Leaders program. Among other things, one of the main emphases was on helping my daughter learn and master the skill of writing. It is now spring of 2008 and my daughter knows her alphabet and can successfully write all the letters in lower case remembering most if not all of them by site and sound. Although she is still working on mastering the letters in upper case she is more than half way there. She can successfully write her name and is now beginning to write simple words with the aid of visual and or verbal prompting. In addition, without any prodding or prompting for either my husband or myself, one of her favorite games (that she made up herself) is to practice copying the letters using her alphabet cards. Another game she plays is the spelling game, where she asks me how to spell a word, I spell it verbally and she writes it down. She also likes to write up her own grocery lists asking how to spell the words of food, thus voluntarily practicing writing her letters every day! I am convinced that my daughter would not have been able to accomplish this without the added assistance from Letter Leaders. I cannot say enough good things about Letter Leaders other than to give my endorsement 100%.”

Mother of daughter Tessa

“When our son started with the Letter Leaders program, he had not yet decided whether he was a righty or lefty. After only a short time though, he had it all figured out. And both his writing and drawing went from an intimidating challenge he tried to avoid to something fun. Still in preschool, his teachers say his letters are perfect…and it has given him an opportunity to be a real leader, helping his brother and classmates when they get stuck writing their letters.”


Mother of son Max